With all the activity in ReCycling, don’t overlook the opportunity in ReUse!

August 28th, 2018

Rebox photo

I love seeing an innovative new approach to an established process. Having spent the last seven years in a Recycling role, I have seen many of the ways that the valuable materials we discard are collected, sorted, processed, and then made into a recycled version of their original state. This is valuable work and we all need to do better at placing these materials (glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard etc) back into the recycling systems so that more recycled content is available.

But in some cases there is another way, and Rebox is a perfect example. Instead of cardboard boxes being treated as a recycling waste stream, the Rebox program puts those boxes back into use, or ReUse, with companies needing internal distribution packaging. The brand name on the box is never seen by consumers, as it is just used to ferry products from distribution centers to the backroom of retail store locations. There is value created for everyone along the way!

So as you evaluate the materials your company sends out the back door, consider options to have them part of the ReUse circular economy. In a world of scarce raw material resources, and where there is concern over the source of these materials, it is refreshing to see positive new approaches that increase the lifespan of existing resources.

Think like a kid for your breakthrough idea!

August 27th, 2018

Ocean Clean UpHat’s off to Boyan Slat, whose idea is being towed out to sea to begin gathering up the floating garbage patches in the ocean! You could imagine how as a kid, Boyan built a small prototype in his garage with all household materials. Some cut pieces of garden hose, add ping pong netting, and drag it around the pool!

Breakthrough innovation doesn’t have to be the result of very complicated processes. Sometimes, like a kid, you can look around yourself, find what is readily available, put it together in ways not originally intended, and provide a breakthrough solution.

Ridgefield Library talk

October 24th, 2010

Ridgefield Library talkWell this was really cool! I was able to give a talk at the Ridgefield Library in August, and the local paper did a good job of letting people know about it ahead of time. This was the first event where people attended solely out of interest in the subject as opposed to just being friends of mine. I am very appreciative of the twenty orso folks who came and joined in the discussion. I love the comments and stories that were shared and I think many in attendance found some part of the presentation relevant to their own particular interest in the Creative Process. This was really a very rewarding experience for me and I look forward to the next presentation!

Book Kick Off Party

October 24th, 2010
Olive Market crew
Olive Market
Olive Market

After long last, it was great to assemble friends earlier this year at the Olive Market restaurant in Georgetown Ct. to introduce my book. I really appreciate all of you who attended and the well wishes from those who could not. My friends at the Olive Market made it a special night – the place looked great and the food is amazing. Stop in to see the beautiful paintings by Erin Nazzaro too. All of you have been a part of making the book happen, and I look forward to sharing where it all goes from here!    Cheers!

Come say hello!

March 6th, 2010


In an effort to get out and explain Catalytic Thinking to interested people I plan visit places where this might make sense. I suppose that would be considerate book stores but I would certainly not limit it to just those venues.

I envision combining a little reading, a lot of explaining, and a fair amount of show & tell, all in short time. I will explain how Catalytic Thinking works to generate breakthrough ideas, and how the Five Keys to Positive Change led to my “Midlife Epiphany,” resulting in a greater involvement in the Creative Process.

What I really want is to hear from you how any part of the book or site had a positive impact on your efforts to make positive changes and be more creative. So please come visit and say hello! (Please call the location to confirm the event)

Ridgefield CT Library 7/27 at 7:30pm

Will visit: Larchmont NY, Chatham MA, Rumson NJ, Marthas Vineyard

Welcome! and…uh, how’d you get here?

March 4th, 2010

Bulb in headIt has been a wonderful journey to finish the book and website, and have my written words complete their metamorphosis into read words!

For my first post to the discussion page of my Catalytic Thinking site, please indulge my curiosity and tell me how you got here? How did you find out about my book, or the site?

I know the answer for those close to me – I jammed a copy in their hands and asked for feedback, which they provided as an obligation, and for which I am grateful. But you… without any obligation or favor asked, you heard or read or just stumbled upon, and then took the initiative to navigate here. Your journey is what I hope to hear with this post. I will offer many other posts that will be dedicated to the experience you had with the book and the site, but for now – please tell me how you arrived here. I’m truly appreciative that you did… and very curious how.