With all the activity in ReCycling, don’t overlook the opportunity in ReUse!

Rebox photo

I love seeing an innovative new approach to an established process. Having spent the last seven years in a Recycling role, I have seen many of the ways that the valuable materials we discard are collected, sorted, processed, and then made into a recycled version of their original state. This is valuable work and we all need to do better at placing these materials (glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard etc) back into the recycling systems so that more recycled content is available.

But in some cases there is another way, and Rebox is a perfect example. Instead of cardboard boxes being treated as a recycling waste stream, the Rebox program puts those boxes back into use, or ReUse, with companies needing internal distribution packaging. The brand name on the box is never seen by consumers, as it is just used to ferry products from distribution centers to the backroom of retail store locations. There is value created for everyone along the way!

So as you evaluate the materials your company sends out the back door, consider options to have them part of the ReUse circular economy. In a world of scarce raw material resources, and where there is concern over the source of these materials, it is refreshing to see positive new approaches that increase the lifespan of existing resources.

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