Welcome! and…uh, how’d you get here?

Bulb in headIt has been a wonderful journey to finish the book and website, and have my written words complete their metamorphosis into read words!

For my first post to the discussion page of my Catalytic Thinking site, please indulge my curiosity and tell me how you got here? How did you find out about my book, or the site?

I know the answer for those close to me – I jammed a copy in their hands and asked for feedback, which they provided as an obligation, and for which I am grateful. But you… without any obligation or favor asked, you heard or read or just stumbled upon, and then took the initiative to navigate here. Your journey is what I hope to hear with this post. I will offer many other posts that will be dedicated to the experience you had with the book and the site, but for now – please tell me how you arrived here. I’m truly appreciative that you did… and very curious how.


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  1. Melanie P says:

    Midlife Epiphany leads me to think that by the time you hit your ‘midlife’ you should have it all figured out. Not true in so many places, especially with layoffs and the economy we are seeing today. In our defined pedagogy, we learn and build ideas in incremental steps. To learn as an older adult, we breach the boundaries of comfort learning and stretch the ability to learn as an adult. A task that comes with mental opposition and a certain lack of confidence, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Ahhh, but you can. It takes a brilliant mind to overcome a process that we as adults lack…guidance.
    If we can have guidance on ways to build an idea, taking it from a miniscule thought to a grand idea, then bring it on. Taking the grand idea to a honed idea takes dedication, insight and illumination.

    Can you see the big picture? Do you have the resources to make it verifiable. Then step into the big picture and make it work.

    If Pete can help guide me to build an idea, I’ll take it.

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